Free Initial Consultation

Let's sit down and have a free chat about your project.

Your initial consultation may be free, but you will still get a wealth of helpful knowledge. I&E experts will visit your property to discuss your project and hang on your every word to discover exactly what you're looking for.

We will learn about your tastes, ideas and aspirations to build up a picture of your dream result. You can also show us any scrap books and magazine clippings you have to help us get a feel for what you're looking for.

However, this isn't just about us. It's about you too. That's why you can pick our brains to gain valuable tips and advice. We can give you design suggestion, ideas on how to make your budget stretch further, practical ideas on best utilsing your space and much more. You can also ask us as many questions as you like to find out if I&E is the right design and build company for you.

Concept design drawings

This is where your ideas start to take shape. We take everything we’ve learned from you and inject some I&E Contractors creativity to start forming innovative concept ideas. These drawings can then be picked apart and expanded on as we work together to form the rough designs to be taken forward to the next stages.

3D Modelling

3D models really help you to get a feel for how the 2D concept drawings would look in the 3D world. Complex architectural elements can be much better understood, whilst you can also get a great understanding of the general theme of your property, the volume of space and how any furniture will look inside. This helps you to better visualise ideas to make any further changes during the development phase.

3D virtual walkthroughs

This allows you to really absorb what it would feel like to step inside the finished result. You can walk around and look inside the 3D visualisation to explore every possible angle, so you know exactly how the space would look with your choice of design, layout and furniture. Advanced models can even be used to depict how internal and external lighting would look inside each room.

3D photo realistic renders

With I&E Contractors, it’s possible to get a life-like 3D render of your finished project before the first brick is even laid. With pixel-perfect 3D designs, accurate textures and realistic lighting, it’s almost like having real photographs of the finished result for you to take a look at before you finalise any of your plans. View layouts, spaces, lighting, textures and fittings with life-like realism so you can make any changes now instead of during the build phase.

3D architectural animated movies

I&E Contractors can create a photo-realistic animated movie which takes you on a life-like journey throughout the final result. Sit back and enjoy as you fly in and around rooms which are fully designed to your approved concept with stunning realism. Really bring the project to life with a sense of real-world motion, so you can get a taste of what it would be like to live or work in the stunning new environment which is about to be created for you.

3D floor plans

Unlike 2D floor plans, the use of 3D floor plans helps you to better visualise the basic layout of the final result. Step into that extra dimension to explore the layout, floor coverings, furniture layout, wall textures, colour schemes and general space. 3D floor plans help you to make better informed design revisions and instantly get a more realistic understanding compared to flat 2D plans.

2D planning drawings

These formal 2D drawings are used as part of your application for planning permission (if it is required). Due to I&E’s extensive experience in this area, we can correctly produce all of the plans required, including front/rear/side elevations, section drawings, floor and roof plans, a design and access statement, site plan, aerial survey and more.

Planning applications and consents

I&E will submit all of the plans and paperwork to obtain planning permission on your behalf. We act as your agent to handle the entire process for you and can even meet with your local authority to answer any enquiries and make sure that you get full planning permission for your project.

Space planning

Space planning is where we take the concept design and plan out exactly how it will take up the available space with meticulous precision. This involves finalising many of the finer features, including the exact positions of sockets, lights, switches, radiators, drainage systems, kitchen/bathroom layouts, joinery designs and more.

Building regulation plans

These formal drawings provide everything building control requires to grant building regulation approval. Your dedicated project engineer will create specifications to comply with all of the applicable building regulations – from part A to part P. Just like planning permission, we submit all of the plans and handle the entire process on your behalf.

Engineering plans

I&E Contractors creates detailed engineering plans to assist with the build process – including 2D drawings, CAD annotation, structural specifications, structural calculations and more. This stage still allows you the opportunity to make any further amendments before final approval.

Construction drawings

Once the final design has been approved by you, our CAD technicians will create millimetreperfect computer aided construction plans to give the build team everything they need to turn the project into reality with absolute precision – right down to the smallest nut and bolt.

Need a great design? Accurate drawings that’ll sail through planning? With in-house designer’s and a 95% first time planning success rate, we can help.