Seven Steps to Design and Build Success

How do we deliver jaw-dropping service and flawless results? At I&E, we've honed our approach into seven steps that ensure a smooth and successful project.

I&E Contractors LTD – Your design and build company in London

Design and build is the evolution to the traditional method of hiring separate architects and builders, and it’s why I&E utilises this approach for all residential and commercial projects.

By providing every service under one roof, I&E can handle your entire project from start to finish. This includes planning, designing, engineering, constructing and managing your project to achieve a perfect result which fits exactly what you’re looking for.

What are the main benefits of design and build?

Faster – By overlapping the different design and build stages, your project can be completed up to 40% faster than the traditional approach of hiring different companies.

Cheaper – You can save money and get the most out of your budget by taking advantage of an established and highly optimised working relationship between the design and build teams.

Easier – We handle everything for you and manage your project every step of the way. This keeps you better informed and makes it easier for you to control how your project develops.

Better – The design and build teams are cut from the same cloth and work together to maximise innovation and attention-to-detail for stunning results which perfectly capture your vision.

Get the benefits of design and build alongside I&E’s Flawless Delivery™ promise

  • On-budget – We agree a fixed and contracted price which won’t go one penny over
  • On-time – We’ll meet your deadline, and if not, we pay YOU for every day it goes over
  • Defect-free – You can make sure that everything is perfect before you sign the project off
  • 12 month warranty – Any issues? We’ll fix them for good. Lifetime warranty also available

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