Bring an I&E engineer into your build project to make it faster, smoother, more accurate and less costly

There are two ways you can have an expert I&E engineer on hand to oversee your project and ensure meticulous attention to detail in the plans and calculations which really matter. Already have a design and build company?

If you use separate architecture and building companies, you may have to source your own independent engineer to oversee structural drawings for the purposes of construction and planning permission.

If you use a combined design and build company, they may not have an in-house engineer, meaning further sub-contracting.

In these cases, you can hire I&E to supply one of our experienced engineers to collaborate with your design and build teams. Not only can your I&E engineer complete all of the structural drawings and plans required, but they can also oversee your project and contribute where necessary to the design and build stages.

Need a design and build company?

There’s no doubt about it – engineering plays a vital role in the overall success of a design and build project. It’s responsible for so many factors which can make a project faster, smoother and less costly. That’s why, at I&E, we have our own in-house engineers. If you choose us for your design and build project, you will also have our engineers on your side to collaborate directly with the design and build teams – all under one company.

This also has the added benefit of making it simple to adhere to all regulations and permissions. Instead of finding an engineer or architect to produce the plans you need, we can create them in-house and handle the paperwork for you in one package to help save you money.

What can a I&E engineer bring to my project?

Value engineering – Going through your project with a fine-toothed comb to identify cost saving opportunities and help you get the same result for less.

Planning permission and building regulation approval – Let your I&E engineer complete all of the relevant plans and paperwork to gain approval for your project.

Cost and practicality input – Don’t get to the build stage before you realise that an idea is too expensive or cannot be done. Your I&E engineer will keep a close eye on the full development stage to identify any feasibility issues and correct them sooner rather than later.

Improving build functionality – I&E engineers can help to identify the optimum methods for constructing elements of your project which strike that perfect balance between quality and cost.

Precision plans – I&E engineers can help take the designs and form them into millimetre-perfect construction plans to make the build process faster and smoother. We can also produce any formal drawings required for a range of different purposes – just leave them to I&E.

The result? Save time, save money, save hassle and get a better finish

If you want an I&E engineer on your side to help you with your project, click here or call 07787 958132 for a free, no-obligation discussion.