Our collaborative online portal keeps your entire project in one place.

Once your project is live, you can track your project’s progress. Monitor whether it’s on target to finish on time and on budget, collaborate in real time and easily upload, store and share files.

Easy and powerful scheduling tool to keep you up to date

See exactly what stage your project is at and monitor whether it’s on schedule to finish on time and on budget.

With activities and deliverables mapped out across the project life cycle, the schedule gives you a simple, effective way to see the entire project plan via a clear visual.

Presents a visual overview of milestones and other key dates.

Everyone is on the same page. With a visual framework for the work, there are fewer chances for misunderstanding. The project schedule allows everyone to have the same information and to set mutually understood expectations.

It makes clear how various tasks are interrelated and how any changes you request will affect the completion date and budget.

Automatic notifications keep you in the loop when there is a change to the project deadline or budget.

No chance of “extras” you didn’t agree to or surprise price increases

Any extras or changes you request are recorded and tracked so everyone is on the same page.

Whether it’s requesting a major alteration or switching your choice of door handles, the price is agreed, recorded and then signed off by you in advance. If it’s not on this list with your signature, it can never be charged to you. That’s a contractual guarantee.

Change orders can be created and approved online in minutes.

See your total expenditure with a running total of all changes and track your bottom line with real-time project cost updates

See the impact that any changes have on your project completion date.

You’ll never be presented with a list of changes that you’ve never agreed to or a bill you weren’t expecting.

Online documents and photos to keep everyone on the same page

Upload, manage, share and distribute important documents, files and photos.

A central online space for all your project documents. From plans to specifications, everyone is on the same page with instant access to the most up to date documents from one location.

Avoids confusion and mistakes caused by people working with out of date documents.

View photos directly uploaded from the jobsite so you can keep up with progress.

Upload pictures of furniture and fixtures and fittings that you’d like us to source or upload photos to serve as inspiration for that certain look you’re after.

Share pictures of your project on social media.

On demand real-time collaboration that is fast, easy and organised

Whether you comment through the mobile app or online, all comments and threads are stored and organised.

Whether you prefer to use the instant chat system or the internal email client, all communication is recorded, creating a digital paper trail so you know what was agreed and who was involved. That’s clear responsibility and full accountability for your project.

Project participants can work together in real-time.

Comment threads that act more like text messaging than email.

Filter your comments to only view specific topics.

Easily share comments only with applicable parties.

An internal email client for lengthier communication.

Streamline selection choices

Collaborate on choices, eliminate selection errors, and keep the project cost summary current.

Upload your selection choices for anything from door handles to cookers.

Ensures the right items are sourced first time.

Allows for collaboration between you and suppliers to verify and make the right selections.

Easily see key selection deadline dates with automatic deadline notifications to keep the job on schedule.

View allowance information that keeps you on budget.

Warranty management for a hassle free experience

Easily manage the warranty process.

If you have any issues post-build, you can make use of our streamlined warranty requests to get any problems fixed.

Track your service or warranty request online.

See who is co-ordinating your warranty claim and view key dates for your service appointments.

One centralised hub for a smoother experience.

Keep up-to-date from anyplace, anytime – on Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows 8 Tablet and your web browser.

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