Need to get planning permission for your project in London?

I&E gets 97% of planning and building regulation applications accepted first time around – here are the 5 ways we do it:

1). We know the planning process inside-out

Choose I&E and you have a design and build company on your side that knows about planning laws just as much as your local authority does. We know exactly how they work, what your local authority wants to see and what they are likely to accept or reject.


2). Detailed plans designed to get your project approved

We know what your local authority and building control expect, so you get clear and concise plans with articulated justifications for the project to maximise the chance of approval.

3). Persistence pays

If we believe that your application should be accepted, we will fight for your project every step of the way and use every appeal process available to gain planning approval.

4). I&E has handled numerous successful planning applications for clients in London

This means that we know the ins and outs of policy frameworks provided by the Unitary Development Plan (UDP) and can look at previous victories to draw upon precedents which have already been set and can be used to justify your proposal.

5). Use our design and build innovation to get your favourite ideas accepted

If a design within your project won’t be accepted, we can put our creative minds to work to try and come up with an alternative method of construction which achieves the same aesthetic result, so you have a higher chance of getting planning approval with the elements of design you really wanted.

Our main focus: to get your application accepted with the ideas you want the most

It isn’t just about getting approval whatever the cost. At I&E, it’s about getting approval for plans which still keep in all of your favourite designs, ideas and themes in-tact. We work hard on this to make sure you get planning and building regulation approval for a project you’re still thoroughly delighted with.

We can act on your behalf – just leave everything to I&E

Planning permission has never been easier than it is with I&E. We act as your agent to create all of the plans and drawings before submitting it to building control and your local authority alongside all of the paperwork required. We then act on your behalf throughout the process, including the submission of any amendments or additional plans required, and do everything we can to try and get your proposals accepted first-time.

If you aren’t sure about what types of permission you need or how to apply for them, just leave everything to us as we work for your best interests and keep you in control every step of the way.

I&E can handle all types of permissions and consents, including:

  • Full planning permission and permitted development
  • Building regulations
  • Lawful development certificates
  • Householder planning consent
  • Outline planning permission
  • Listed buildings consent
  • Conservation areas consent
  • Heritage statements
  • Landlords consent

For residential and commercial extensions through to new build homes and commercial premises of all sizes.

Want the best chance of first-time approval? Get I&E on your side – call today

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