Choose I&E and you get a dedicated project manager for your build – but what does this really mean?

Every I&E project, no matter how large or small, comes with its own project manager to oversee it from start to finish. You can relax whilst staying firmly in control as your very own project manager makes sure that your dream result becomes a reality.

It’s a difference you can really notice.

With smaller design & build companies, the owner may oversee the project. However, they are likely to be overseeing many other projects at the same time alongside juggling the management of their business. This can mean limited attention, a limited understanding of your project, infrequent site visits and a lack of communication with you.

With I&E, your project gets an appointed project manager as standard – this means:

  • Listening to you in detail to understand your dream result
  • On-site visits every day to ensure optimum scheduling and organisation

  • Regular communication to keep you up to date and address any questions
  • Using experience to suggest new and innovative ways to improve the final result
  • Improved leadership and morale for optimum productivity
  • Scrupulous quality control to ensure exceptional workmanship
  • Putting you in control and implementing all your feedback and instructions
  • Remedying any issues based on vast experience and knowledge of all processes

Rely on your project manager to strive for those vital project goals:

Your I&E project manager will work to make sure that your project is completed on-time and on-budget with a flawless finish.

However, they will also go one step further to make sure that your build project provides your dream result. It isn’t just about ticking off boxes, but it’s about leaving you seriously impressed with the final build with every detail exactly how you want it. That’s our main goal.

Putting you in more control than ever before

An I&E build project manager is there to work for you and put you in control. You can deliver your feedback and then leave it to your project manager to direct the design & build teams.

Benefit from a project manager with design & build experience

Your project manager will understand the design team and their needs, the build team and their needs, and your own needs and expectations as well. Everything is meticulously controlled and perfectly choreographed to ensure a seamless and hassle-free build project which meets the deadline, meets the budget and gives you a result you’re overjoyed with.

The result of an I&E managed project:

You get a stress free experience and stay in control at all times, with your instructions seamlessly implemented. Your project manager hangs on your every word and leaves no stone unturned when it comes to finding out exactly what you’re looking for. You’re also kept up to date with regular updates and reports. The build is organised for maximum efficiency and productivity, and meticulously designed to meet all budgets, deadlines and expectations. Quality is scrutinised from beginning to end.

And then there’s the result. Your project manager won’t stop until you’re delighted with a finished project which brings your ideas to life and is crafted with a flawless finish.

Want to bring in an I&El project manager for an existing build project?

If you like the sound of I&E’s methodology but you’ve already got another company in place for the construction phase, you could hire an I&E project manager to oversee your project.

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Project managers are included as standard on all I&E projects – call us today

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